Schooling in Pajamas

Kindergarten Fun! (updated with pictures)

As promised here are some pictures from last year.

I’m not on my laptop which it seems is where the majority of my pictures are. So for now I will post these few pictures and list some places we went with GCA.

We were able to attend a Braves game right after school got out. It was Youth Camp Day so there were lots of summer camps/daycares there. We didn’t do the parade around the field and we missed sitting with other GCA families but we still had a blast watching the game. We even got to take his older brothers with us.

IMG_0026 IMG_0014

Another trip we attended was at the Ocmulgee National Monument  in Macon. (Indian Mounds)  This was a self guided tour around the grounds and in the museum section. There was a family picnic time which we missed since Devin and I decided to walk the trails so everyone was already done with it. We did manage to catch the tail end of the craft time which was making clay pots. There was a short Q & A session and I talked to some other parents of high schoolers to find out more info for my upcoming 9th grader.

IMG_0071 IMG_0067

This is by no means all we did. We also attended a Ginger Bread outing in Perry in December, a trip to the GO Fish Center in Perry,  a trip to the Hay House in Macon, and a planetarium trip to the Macon Arts and Science Museum. Unfortunately I can not find the Go Fish pictures but would highly recommend going as all my kids enjoyed it.

Arts and Science Gingerbread outing Hay House

Lots of chances to get together with other families during the school year. During the summer outings are scheduled also but our summers are packed with marching band functions and taking the one vacation that my husband gets a year.


That should help answer your socialization questions you get from “well-meaning” people.


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