Schooling in Pajamas

First grade addition activities

For the beginning of school we took a week to review before moving to new stuff (subtraction!).

download (4)  This is an activity I found on Teachers Pay Teachers by the seller Kindergarten Smarties. I printed it out then cut it to fit in the file folder. I placed both sheets on the inside and then taped it on the folder. To make it more usable I taped over the whole pages making them usable with a dry erase marker. He really liked this activity. He would pick a domino out of the box and place it on the domino shape then he would write the numbers in their spots and write the answer. He was so proud of the ones he did not have to use the domino to count to the answer. I then had him use the domino to check what he wrote. Devin played this over and over several times.

download (5) I made this chart after seeing it on Pinterest. I changed a few things but overall it is the same. check out to see where the chart is from and other cool stuff. I made this on large poster paper that Wal-Mart had during the back to school rush.

download (6) This is the notebook page Devin made in his math notebook. I wrote the page title and numbered the page at the top then Devin did the rest. He drew the large plus sign and wrote “plus sign” then to the bottom right of it he wrote words that help you know to add such as add, sum, in all, and join. At the bottom of the page I wrote what it looks like and then he drew ways to add such as  * + ***= ****   1 + 3= 4  and then drew using fish as his pictures. So in all it would be using shapes, numbers, and pictures. He used a different color to show the different amounts and the symbols.

He enjoyed drawing this page.

Usually I like to have books that he can look through on the subject we are doing. However, since this was review of last year I did not do that. We did go back to one or two lessons and did the review games they had.

I also found an idea online to place flashcards inside the cheap little picture memory books. I picked up two for $1 and will use one for addition and the other for subtraction. It was a great idea because it makes it hard for them to turn over the card for the answer and it acts as a wipe off page for expo markers so they can write the answer or figure it out if needed. IT wipes off easily and I keep a small cloth handy for just that purpose. This travels anywhere you need it so no excuses for not practicing them.

I also have an addition mat I found on teachers pay teachers but I don’t have a picture of it. You should be able to find it by looking for the seller Tanya Hansen. It is basically two tall rectangles on top, side by side with a wide but short (not tall) rectangle under it. There is a line from each of the top rectangles to the bottom to show the sum. I placed it on the inside of a file folder and it works great for hands on addition such as story problems where it might be hard to the numbers from the information. (I’ll add a picture when I get a chance.)

chart This is a poster I saw online. It was similar but a tad different too. I can’t seem to find it so if you did this or based yours off of one similar and you know the original author please let me know. Credit should go where it is due. This is not my idea but one I used as an example for mine. We have not done this in his notebook but I either would like to try or will just bring out the poster as needed.


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