Schooling in Pajamas

The Rock Ranch

We were able to attend a field trip to the Rock Ranch in Rock, Georgia. Yes, this is the ranch that is owned and operated by the Chick-fil-a company. It is also a working ranch so you get to drive by cows in the pasture and the houses of those who live and work there. As we were leaving, some cows got out of their fences and we had to navigate around them.


rock ranch2 rock ranch6 

Couldn’t pass up the flowers and a picture with them.

rock ranch9   rock ranch8rock ranch5



The corn maze this year was of Phil Robertson’s beard. They had a whole board right before the entrance to the maze about Duck Dynasty as well as other people. You had to go in the corn maze in small groups of 3-8 people. You were given a colored flag so that if you needed help, you could hold it up and get a hint. They had several people in the maze on stands so they could see everyone in the maze. Throughout the maze were signs with arrows and things such as riddles or spin the wheel type things.

 rock ranch36rock ranch13

The kids got a chance to learn about grinding corn using a stump and a rock. They found out it was harder than they thought.

rock ranch10rock ranch11

The kids got to see inside a tepee and few items the Indians used and traded. Among the items were skins of animals, baskets, and weapons.

rock ranch16rock ranch21

These are some of the things that you would find around the site: old farm equipment, animals, metal sculptures, cow statues dressed as different things such as soldier, and of course the pumpkin chunker they use at the end of October.

rock ranch12  rock ranch41rock ranch14rock ranch45rock ranch47


 rock ranch29rock ranch23

We got to see what the inside of a cabin looked like. They were small and seemed crowded. The gentleman in the picture acted as a guide and took the kids on a journey west. He was really great. He actually acted as if he was a settler. Pretending as if he didn’t know what electricity was and even pretending to wash his dishes with sand. This was by far, Devin’s favorite part.

We finished with a picnic and bouncing on their giant in-ground pillow as well as visiting the gift shop.


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