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A change in notebooking style

At the beginning of the year, I posted on us using the marble composition books like they do in the school. We were using them as interactive notebooks. Well, we don’t have a lot of space right now so I changed to keeping things in a three ring binder.

photo (9) This is a pic from the math book we were using.

Changing methods did  not mean throwing away all that hard work. Instead, I took out the pages and put them into the notebook. In the notebook, we are using page protectors so that we can take out just what we need to review without crowding our work space. This method is also good in that we can rearrange or add more to a subject without things being nonsensical. It’s all about order!

Here is a page as it appears in the binder now.

wkst5 We glued or taped (depends on the activity) to a colored paper. This helps keep all the papers uniform and you don’t get distracted by the paper after it.

This is similar to what I used to do with the older two when they homeschooled except we don’t keep separate subject notebooks. All subjects are together but divided using tabs stuck to the page protectors. I also try to keep a list in the front of each subject showing what is in that section.

We also put to use the worksheets that come with his school provided items. Normally, I am not a big fan of the worksheets and most of the time he doesn’t do them. This is true especially when he knows the subject well and doesn’t need the extra practice.

Here are  two examples:

wkst3 We used several worksheets and cut what we wanted on the page then glued them to a colored sheet.

wkst7 This one is another set  of worksheets that we did the same as the math above.

Our pages are a combination of school worksheets, teachers pay teachers items, stuff from the internet, and things we come up with. Whatever works so that we have review material. I like using school worksheets he has done then he can see his work. It also helps him recognize and remember things.


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