Schooling in Pajamas


Once upon a time, we did nature studies. We went outside and just observed things. The older two would keep a few pages of drawings for their notebooks. Unfortunately, we don’t do that as much now but I have started a small notebook of my own. What I find is we’ll be out somewhere and see something we like, and I’ll take a picture with my phone. Not as great but we can look back on the pictures and think wow just as we did when we first saw it.

Our main source of nature study is of course our cat. His name is Bob and is three years old. We adopted him from the Animal Rescue Foundation at 8 months old.


8 This picture was taken at Oconee River Greenway. It is hard to see but when we looked across the river at the other shoreline, all we could see where turtles sunbathing on the sand. I beat this went on for at least half a mile.

9 This goose’s picture was taken at a local park. They will follow you waiting for food. When you feed them it is like a huge mob chasing after you.

264This is a favorite picture of mine that we took during a field trip to the Ocmulgee Indian Mounds.

265 This lizard was on our porch. I think he is contemplating the meaning of life. My son says no, he is thinking of how beautiful he knows he is. Of course, we know he was getting warm in the sun.

266 I’m always fascinated by the mushrooms that pop up in the yard. They are never the same kind. I saw these and snapped the picture as we were leaving.

268 This poor guy lead us on quite the internet search. It lead to an interesting discussion on what bright colors mean. We learned that if you do not know what kind of caterpillar it is, then don’t pick it up if it is prickly. Some are poisonous or will at least cause a rash that is painful. We also talked about how this applies to other things we see in nature. It is always better to look than touch.

277 We always find interesting spider webs in our yard. One year they were stretching from one tree to another for a huge section of our yard. Different spiders, different webs but they are fascinating and often beautiful.


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