Schooling in Pajamas

A New School Year

We’ve made some changes to our schooling with the start of the 2014-15 school year. Our youngest will be traditionally home schooled using Ambleside Online which I’ll talk more about as we go along. He’s in second grade but we will use Year 1 in the curriculum. Our 10th grader switched from GCA (Georgia Cyber Academy) to GACA (Georgia Connections Academy). He is able to take more honors classes and get the computer class he wanted. The only one  not making a change is my oldest who is staying at the local high school for his senior year.  I’ll go more in depth over the next couple of weeks explaining things as we get settled. My oldest started school on August 4 but the other two  just started today the 11th. 

We’ve also made a technology switch as well. Almost three years ago I had a Blackberry that I liked but then finally switched to an iPhone which I loved. Recently though I have switched to a Samsung Note 3 phone. All I can say is there is a big learning curve going from apple’s OS to an android platform. At the same time as i got the phone we got a Samsung Note 12.2 tablet for school use. Now I can sync and work between the two almost seamlessly. Since Adobe does not support flash player for android, we can not access all my middle son’s work but it still allows enough plus the s pen feature was a huge bonus when deciding on a tablet to use. He can take notes using the s pen just like a pencil. No more click of keyboard or losing paper. We save his note and then place it on Google drive as a pdf and he can access it from the tablet, my phone, or hubbies pc. The other feature that helped our decision was the ability to use, save, and open Microsoft documents using the software on the tablet. It’s very easy. We also have the windows 8 tablet I got for my birthday in March.  I like the live tiles, runs genuine microsoft, has tablet features but also works like desktop. It is only an 8 inch and can be awkward at times but runs my iTunes so that is a plus. A feature that both tablets and my phone has is the use of a micro SD card which give even more functionality to them. 

Both tablets get heavy use as ereaders. The 8″ mainly has my Kindle and nook apps. The 12″ has those and we use Google play. We have both my middle son’s required literature books as Google play books for free. The large tablet is easier to read (obvious I know) but he prefers his Nook still because of size and weight. The android tablet has me using Google play and drive more than if I used my other tablet and I’m working on learning to add my iTunes library to Google music. 

We also use the larger tablet during my younges son’s school day. We have many of his reading books on it and use S notes as a mini whiteboard. I’ll post pics of this in the next few days.

I’ll stop here but will throw some features such as mirroring between devices and mirroring to the TV with a device you can buy as just a few features I’m  hoping to discuss in the future.


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