Schooling in Pajamas

Mushrooms abound!

We’ve always gotten a few mushrooms in our yard every year and this year is no exception.  They seem really abundant this year or it could be I’m more aware of them than ever before. Either way  they are fascinating to see. We are still having trouble identifying them and that seems to be a theme in our nature studies.

Here are the pictures we have so far.

wpid-20140811_084330.jpg wpid-20140811_084345.jpgwpid-20140814_081942.jpg   The first three are from the beginning of the week.  Besides being a strange mushroom, I noticed snails all over it. The last picture is at the end of the week. It is drying up and shriveling.

wpid-20140812_081628.jpg wpid-20140812_081603.jpg wpid-20140812_192051.jpg  This one has not changed in the week we’ve been observing it. The third picture was taken after it rained.

wpid-20140811_084027.jpgwpid-20140811_084041.jpg  wpid-20140812_192347.jpgwpid-20140812_192508.jpgwpid-20140812_192618.jpgwpid-20140812_192644.jpgwpid-20140812_193043.jpgwpid-20140812_193205.jpgwpid-20140812_193416.jpgwpid-20140814_081901.jpg  That’s a lot of mushrooms!!!!!

wpid-20140815_191609.jpgNo these aren’t new mushrooms but the round white  puff mushrooms from above. They have sent their spores into the air and are now drying up.

We plan on doing a small study soon. I just want to introduce him to mushrooms so he’ll be  able to look for them while out and about. I’ll be posting on that soon. I’m still learning how to work programs on my android tablet and wordpress is one of the things still stumping me. I may have to utilize the desktop when hubby goes to work on Monday.

If you can help out with any identification of the mushrooms just post a comment. We could use the help.



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