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It’s Pumpkin Time (part 1)

We started our pumpkin study today.

Here is the plan I put together. It’s just a loose outline of activities and the books that we will use or have as optional books.


We read from our main book first. We alternated between D reading and myself. I was pleasantly surprised at how much his fluency has gone up.


After reading, we drew the life cycle of the pumpkin. I originally wanted to have pumpkin life cycle cards that he could put in order and use to draw the steps but alas we ran out of  ink in the printer so we improvised. I pulled up the cards on the tablet and used them as a guide . Here is the link to the printable life cycle cards we planned to use. Here is a pic of the page we used.


Our next activity was to draw the outside of the pumpkin and label it as we did observations. We then wrote down our observations.  This was also where we were going to use cards for parts of the pumpkin and match them up to the pumpkin as we labeled. We’re really missing our ink! We used our magnifying glass to do up close observations. Before starting we reviewed what observing means. Then we observed with our eyes then our hands. He did great coming up with descriptive words. He compared the stem to the sticks we find in our yard.  He discovered that both the large pumpkin and the small had no differences.

Our next activity was math related. We measured the circumference of the pumpkins and their stems. He learned what circumference is. We used the flexible cloth ruler to do the activity and went over inches including what the large bold lines mean (inch) and what the smaller bold lines mean (half inch). Then we used the measurements to write equations and find the differences between the large pumpkin’s measurements and the smaller pumpkin’s measurements.  It was  D’s idea to measure the height of the stems and the pumpkins. Why didn’t I think of that? Here are our tools.


Finally we talked about what a hypothesis is then made hypothesis about each pumpkin’s weight. Again we used the measurements to do equations to figure out  the difference between our guess and the actual weight. He was really surprised at how his guesses were so far off. This activity introduced him to subtracting using decimals.

wpid-20140922_170139.jpg wpid-20140922_171332.jpg

We’ll  be adding more to our pages over the next few days.


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