Schooling in Pajamas


Today was the perfect day to go mushroom hunting. We had rain yesterday and today started out overcast and cool. A perfect start to fall. D and I headed out into the yard to look through all the mushrooms that had sprung up. This year has been a surprise in the mushroom department. They have been coming in huge patches since the beginning of summer. We could not let the opportunity pass us by.  We have an acre and a half with lots of trees which means shade and soft soil. The perfect breeding ground for fungi.

Here we are searching out our mushrooms.  You can just see the patches of mushrooms around him.



We got lots of different ones. We saw lots that were already big and some that were rotting and you see their spores were already released. We also saw the remains of ones the squirrels had eaten. I couldn’t believe it until I saw one doing it the other day. He was sawing on it just like a corn cob.  Here’s our haul.



I have narrowed our books from ten books to just these which I am highly impressed with. I’m including our activity plans which I write out and then we do what catches our attention. I try to make sure we do a drawing, labeling, and any life cycle or important information.

wpid-20140923_202308.jpg  wpid-2014-09-23-20.27.04.jpg.jpeg  wpid-2014-09-23-20.30.20.jpg.jpeg  wpid-2014-09-23-20.31.29.jpg.jpeg    wpid-20140923_203452.jpg


We used our magnifying glass to look up close to each mushroom then we used a page from Katya’s Book of Mushrooms to identify them according to cap shape, leg, and texture.

wpid-20140923_104430.jpg  wpid-20140923_202534.jpg  wpid-20140923_200848.jpg

Nature journaling!!!

wpid-20140923_194825.jpg  wpid-20140923_202149.jpg  wpid-2014-09-23-20.34.03.jpg.jpeg  wpid-2014-09-23-20.54.37.jpg.jpeg


Our last activity for today was starting our spore prints. This is found in The Handbook Of Nature Study, Katya’s Book of Mushrooms and also in the Backyard book.



We will check on them tomorrow and see what we have.

That’s it for today but we’re not done yet. So check back to see what else we do.



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