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Mushroom follow-up

We finished up our mushroom study by doing spore prints. We were a bit disappointed with this activity but it could have been the type of mushrooms we had or that we didn’t prep the mushrooms correctly.  We only got a print on the white paper and it disappeared completely after about thirty minutes. There was a faint purple to the print though so not a total bust. We were wanting to put in our notebook but looks like we’ll just have to do with the picture we took.



Next we looked at pages of another mushroom book we had. We looked at poisonous mushrooms and talked about safety when hunting mushrooms.

wpid-20140925_115622.jpg  wpid-20140925_115056.jpg wpid-20140925_115050.jpg


This is probably the favorite book out of the ones we used. The organization is great and the pictures crisp.  The last two pictures from above are examples of this. The last picture is what is the first page of each section looks like and the picture before that is one from a chapter itself.

We’ll go tomorrow and see which mushrooms have released their spores so he can see what the aftermath looks like. Other than that we are done with our study.



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