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Biblical History

We are doing our Bible reading using the AO schedule for year one.  You can find that here:

I’ve read what the AO advisory says about using King James version and I’ve read Charlotte Mason’s thoughts. However, for us this year we are not using that version. This is what we’ll be using instead:



We use this Bible for the ease of reading. D is a good reader but still struggles with certain sounds. I have found this version lends itself well  as our school Bible.  This is not the same one we use for church.  This one has activities scattered through out but we haven’t done any yet.

wpid-20140916_225120.jpg  wpid-20140916_225141.jpg


We also use Stick figuring through  the Bible by Grapevine Studies along with our Book of Centuries.  We are using the beginner studies but are considering the next level. We have part one which is Creation through Babel. I usually go through in advance and sketch in the margins of what we’ll be reading for the week. It is helpful for me however he likes looking at the page from the book to see the colors they use. I do not always use the exact symbol but one i use already. For example, they write God in purple whereas i have D draw a purple triangle. The purple triangle is what i use in my studies and if we’re to look through my Bible he would know what it means. Otherwise I let him stick to their colors and symbols. You can find samples on their Web page.  I opted to buy only the teacher edition as an ebook. Since we are using it along with our Book of Centuries, I didn’t see the need for a student version.




Most but not all of the AO readings line up with the Grapevine studies. AO for year one is focused on more of an overall introduction of well known Bible stories. AO recommends reading straight from the Bible and I whole heartedly agree. They have a  link on their site to a free online book they used as the basis for their reading outline. I am fine with that however there are a few I think are missed that I want D to be introduced to. We read from his Bible not a storybook Bible although we have one and may occasionally use it when he is having a hard time grasping the story.   I don’t have a picture of that however the AO recommended on is a good one.

I bought the Grapevine Studies last year after reading about it. I wasn’t entirely convinced and put it aside. It was gotten back out when we switched from our previous cyber school to traditional schooling and using AO. I am glad I did. It has given D an outlet because he is active and squiggly while do our reading. He knows if he focuses on our readings then he gets to draw. It also makes using our Book of Centuries easier.

Here are the entries to our Book of Centuries so far.

wpid-20140916_111416.jpg wpid-20140916_111437.jpg wpid-20140916_111442.jpg

We really don’t do much beyond reading and entering into our timeline but coming up there will be a stories I would like to add some hand-on activities to better explain things. I am not focusing on activities as I want to stay in line with Charlotte Mason but at times you have to do what helps them grasp things.

Our Bible reading takes place Monday – Wednesday then on Thursday we switch to Trial and Triumph or Parables of Nature. We follow the AO schedule for these two. We use Parables for discussions such as what is faith and how can we display our faith in God. When reading Trial and Triumph, we place the dates in our Book of Centuries. For now, I let him sketch and then write the dates in. The first one is Polycarp. I wrote in below why he is in the book. For now, I want to focus on learning where to place in the timeline. I won’t worry more accurate pictures or more information until probably fourth or fifth grade. For now, D just needs to understand why we use a timeline, what we put in it and where. I want it to be fun not chore like.

Here are the links from above:




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