Schooling in Pajamas

Paddle to the Sea- chapter 2 and 3

Chapter 2- Long River Reaching To The Sea

One of the reasons I love H.C. Hollingsworth books is the illustrations. Chapter has a beautiful map illustration of the Great Lakes. The sun is melting the snow and it is seen flowing into the lakes.  We got out our map and he traced the lakes with his finger. Then he used a blue crayon to trace the lakes on his paper map.

To illustrate the bowl effect we used measuring cups and water. I wish I had used different material for this but D got the concept anyway. Again, I love the illustration for this. wpid-20140916_102232.jpg wpid-20140916_102452.jpg wpid-20140916_111743.jpg


You can probably guess what came next. Yep, he played with pouring the water for a good thirty minutes after finishing up school.

Our next item was soap carving. I had planned for this to be our handicraft for the mon the but will have to wait for him to get a bit more hand strength because he kept getting frustrated with not getting the tools to dig in the soap. So we settled for making canoes. Once his older brother go home,  he joined us which is always a plus for D. The living room smelled like ivory soap for a while and our cat would not come to that area for a while. So now I know, if I need to keep the cat out of something all that is needed is soap shavings.

wpid-20140908_183416.jpg wpid-20140908_183425.jpg  wpid-20140908_183437.jpg  wpid-20140908_183458.jpg wpid-20140908_184814.jpg


For chapter 3, we read it and discussed the changing weather. What were the signs the weather was changing from winter to spring? We don’t get snow like in the illustration but what signs do we see here that tells us we are going from winter to spring? I had planned to do animal tracks but didn’t have the items to do the planned activity. I have a blog bookmarked on my AO pinterest board that uses cheap flip flops and foam to make animal track shoes. I also saw on a Montessori board that used plastic animals and play dough the to make tracks. I will be sure to do this when we have another opportunity or may add a mini unit to our nature study days and cover this.


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