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Life of Fred math series


This is our math series we are using. The first book is Apple’s as shown in the above pic. We love this so far. Fred is a five year old math professor and has a doll named Kingie. One of the things that make this so fun to use is it presented in a story format. Next of course is Fred and Kingie. The material is both complex and easy at the same time. It is presented in an everyday format meaning as we would run into in our everyday lives. It covers not just math but seasons, animals and lots of other important stuff. The story is presented then at the end are about 5 questions to practice. For now, D is getting mostly practice since he covered a lot of this with his previous school.

We extend our lessons by using the drawing program on my tablet as a white board. Since we are very informal in lessons this allows us to sit on the floor or couch as we do them. I’ve also taken video on my cell phone of D explaining the lesson to his sock monkey.  In fact, sock monkey is a student during math time. We don’t always extend the lessons but I find it good review and practice for him. He is hands on and it helps him. We do a lesson Monday and  the practice questions then Tuesday we do the extension. We repeat for the next lesson on Wednesday and Thursday.  Friday is a day off or for catch up. Here are some pics of our extensions.

wpid-20140811_102725.jpg wpid-20140811_104310.jpg wpid-20140811_104328.jpg wpid-20140811_104337.jpg wpid-20140811_110258.jpg wpid-20140929_093417.jpg wpid-20140929_093615.jpg wpid-20140929_095822.jpg wpid-20140929_095900.jpg wpid-20140929_100938.jpg wpid-20140929_101153.jpg wpid-20140929_101218.jpg

I’ve looked online and on pinterest and found some great blogs about Life of Fred. That is where I got the marshmallow activities from and the idea for the number tree.


Noah’s Ark Homeschool Academy blog

Layered Souls Homeschool blog


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