Schooling in Pajamas

Planning our AO year

By nature I am a planner. I love list, calendars, post-it notes and other organizing items. So planning a school year is right up my alley. I am constantly changing the planning tools because what I need is not necessarily what my kids need. I have very OCD tendencis and over the last 18 years I’ve had to find a way to exist in the world of kids. None of my kids have my need to organize or label or any of  my other issues. Chaos reigns in varying degrees depending upon which kid you refer to.

This year I took all summer planning, rearranging, then starting over. Finally I had our notebook just how I wanted it. Things in our notebook include:  AO yearly schedule, weekly planners, table of contents to each book, attendance calendar, subject schedule, book list, free reading log sheets, field trip sheets, goal sheet, and I’m sure several other things I’m probably overlooking. All that was placed in page protectors and off we went.

Here are some pics:

wpid-20140929_214014.jpg wpid-20140929_214133.jpg wpid-20140929_214157.jpg wpid-20140929_214237.jpg wpid-20140929_214404.jpg wpid-20140929_214420.jpg wpid-20140929_214713.jpg


After we started school I realized the notebook was cumbersome and hard to take with us if I needed to. I didn’t want to get rid of all my hard work so I split the terms into seperate three prong folders. I put the planning pages into a mom’s folder then did a folder for composers, artists, etc which makes it much easier to grab what I need.  Then one day I read about someone who uses their calender on their phone. Wow! That is just what we needed since I’ve been driving my mom to all here doctor appointments and there have been lots. So I planned out one month at a time and made them tasks instead of appointments so they could be checked off. This worked wonderfully and since most of our texts are on my tablet, it made it even easier.

wpid-20140929_214802.jpg wpid-20140929_214814.jpg

if we don’t get to something, the task is placed at the end of the list. I can look at the calendar and check off or go the task list and do it from there. Super easy.

I’very added another feature but that will be in another post after we’ve used it a bit.


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