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High Falls State Park

High Falls State Park has been on our bucket list for awhile. It is a state park about an hour from us that has yurts. We didn’t get to stay in a yurt so that is still on our list but we did attend their living history day. D decided he wanted time with his Nana so he didn’t go and we let B stay home and rest since he didn’t get home from an away game until 1:30 am. So it was just hubby, W (my middle child who is 15 and a history buff), and myself.

High Falls State Park is located on the Towanda River. It was he site of a grist mill. Here is the website:
If your in Georgia, go to your library and check for a park pass package. You will get a parking pass as well as a pass for up to four people to a historical site. It includes a map/brochure for the state parks. You check it out for one week plus you can get one renewal. At least in at my library. We have used it a lot and plan to buy one for us next year.

This is the dam. Right now the water runs from pipes on the side and not the dam itself.


Here is the view river from the bridge.

wpid-20141115_125813.jpg wpid-20141115_131354.jpg

There not as many volunteers as was supposed to be but who could blame them. It was below freezing the night before and at 8 when it started it was only about 32 outside. Many of the volunteers come outside the area. The few volunteers we talked to were very knowledgeable and you could tell they liked doing it.

wpid-20141115_122458.jpg wpid-20141115_123436.jpg wpid-20141115_123805.jpg Hubby holding the rifle as the gentleman explain ed their fighting techniques. As a retired Army sargent, he gets what they are saying and thankful he didn’t have fight they did or have the weapons they did.

Here we captured the cannon firing from the bridge. I love getting shots of the smoke. It can be really spooky at times. Then we went closer to hear the ranger talk and get close ups.

wpid-20141115_125530.jpg wpid-20141115_131007.jpg wpid-20141115_130751.jpg wpid-20141115_132429.jpg wpid-20141115_132239.jpg

We talked to one of the ladies working the cannon. She and her husband own the cannon. The guy in the black jacket is the park ranger. She told us that they had a crew member this time who came from Ireland to help. So took us threw the start of the day beginning with the fire and cooking.

Hubby and W looking over the walkway to the river bed.

wpid-20141115_131332.jpg wpid-20141115_131429.jpg

We didn’t walk any trails because the guys were hungry. Hubby did buy me some boiled peanuts which made this southern girl very happy.

Afterwards we drove into Macon and ate at Buca do Beppo using a Groupon I had for $20 off. The largest meatballs I’ve ever had.

wpid-20141115_144315.jpg wpid-20141115_144409.jpg

Forgive the serving spoon please. Hubby thought it funny to keep putting it in my pictures. None of my family get my need to document food when I eat at a totally different restaurant.  I’m weird I guess.  This place serves family style so this small portion serves 2 or more people. We had three eating and took home enough or one more. You order small for 2 or more or large for 4 or more. We got garlic bread and passed on dessert. I’d go for dessert alone since it is huge. Their brownie dessert alone had 12 pieces of brownie squares plus 6 scoops of ice cream and mile high whip cream. It’s a little expensive for us but the portions would make it okay. Only draw back would be, we’d all have to agree on the same dish. Think about that. Six people and one dish.
What!!! The guys really liked it but I’m on the fence until I try something else.


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