Schooling in Pajamas

Thanksgiving Baking

D loves to be in the kitchen helping. I have all sorts of photos over the years of him helping even as a toddler. This Thanksgiving was no exception. It all started with our pumpkin study. We really wanted to make some items with pumpkin but never got the chance. All the cans of pumpkin I had bought were just sitting there in our cabinet. When everyone asked for pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving I knew what had to be done. I just couldn’t find a pie recipe I liked but upon looking at the small container of pumpkin spice I found a recipe and figured to go for it.

D helped place the dough (prepackaged because I’m not all that reliable with my dough) into our pie dish. It cracked on us but we repaired much like his play-dough. His words not mine. LOL


Next D helped pour and measure the ingredients into a bowl then mix them. One of his favorite things is pushing things around in the bowl. He has gotten much better at it. We both came away with our shirts clean.

wpid-20141125_212006.jpg wpid-20141125_212135.jpg wpid-20141125_212332.jpg wpid-20141125_212442.jpg

As you can see in the pics, big brother had to come see what was going on. He then stayed to help D pour the contents of the bowl into the crust.


After that, D got a little obsessed with evening the batter out flat. I finally had to stop him. Every time he lifted the spoon a small wave was created and he’d go back to smooth only to have it happen again. I told him it gave the pie character. Then he proceeded to give it all kinds of names. He also convinced me to take a photo of it in the oven. (I’ve created a picture hound. He’s as bad as I am about photographing everything.)

wpid-20141125_213348.jpg wpid-20141125_213648.jpg

It came out beautiful and tasted great. I don’t eat pumpkin pie so I’ll have to take everyone’s word for it. I’m very proud of him.


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