Schooling in Pajamas

Weekly Neighborhood Walk

I was recently on the AO forums site via the app Tapatalk. One of the threads I was reading had to do with taking a daily walk. The thread talked about taking the walks in the morning before school or during a short morning break. That is something I want to implement starting in our new term which begins for us in January (because we are slow going).

On Monday, D wanted to take an afternoon walk. He had already been running around our driveway for about 10 minutes. He came running in the house wanting to use the camera on my cell phone to take pictures of things that interested him. Well, I was not letting that go unsupervised so off we both went. In keeping with the title of my blog, he was indeed in his pajamas at four in the afternoon. It was rather a sight watching him walking around in his boots and fleece pajamas. As we were walking around, he would ask questions  and we had the pleasure of sharing knowledge and an awe of nature. Being seven, he is obviously experienced enough to know what the seasons are and what happens during each one. I still get amazed though due to his observation skills or it could be that I, as an adult, take things for granted. I was pleased when he pointed out that we were seeing a lot of deciduous trees during our walk and that the green trees were evergreens. He then explained it to me as if I did not attend the same math lesson as he did. As a side note, this is one of the things I like about using the Life of Fred. The side tangents in the story often lead to many aha moments in our everyday lives. We then discussed or rather reviewed why the deciduous trees lost their leaves.  I was rather proud of our CM moment. He was in charge of the walk and any subject we talked about. It was a gentle learning that included reinforcement of several subjects at once. At no time did I take charge of the walk except to say when we needed to go inside. This was just the reminder I needed to relax. It also reminded me to work on patience as I realized that my many impatient moments are because I forget that  he is inquisitive because his experiences are not as vast as mine. His tome of knowledge still needs expanding and only those fifty million questions he asks can satisfy that need. I was most certainly put in my place by by my son who was rather oblivious of his mom’s moment of self-growth.

Anyway, I am rambling on so back to the topic at hand. He took quite a few more than his allotted four pictures but when you see them, you’ll most certainly forgive us. He was fascinated by things that I would normally pass by. The minds of the young are so interesting.

wpid-20141215_160445.jpg    He was excited when he saw this pile of broken limbs. It was on the side of the road and you could tell it had been run over many times.

wpid-20141215_160404.jpg  Not sure what this is. It looks like tiny white fluff but is actually some type of flower I think. It is all over the open areas.



wpid-20141215_160629.jpg Moss growing in our neighbor’s yard by the road.

wpid-20141215_160027.jpg He loved the colors of the flowers on this weed. So tiny and bright he said.


So that was our walk for the week. We may take a few others this week but will have to see about the weather.

I like the impromptu walks more than the scheduled ones but that just means we are really inconsistent. Which is something I want to work on. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our neighborhood.

Feel free to share a glimpse of yours!


*edited 3/18/15 to remove areas that were no longer appearing on the page.


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