Schooling in Pajamas

Term 1 review

Wow. I can’t believe it is already time for the new year to begin and our first term with AO year 1 is over. This school year has been a bit harder for us than previous years. One reason is that we switched over from cyber school to traditional home school with my second grader and that change for him has been a bit hard. From his stand point, he went from playing games on the computer (as part of his lessons) to no computer games or other electronic stimulating lessons. He loves being read to but not so much the narrating back or copywork  or any number of things I could list for you. Some of that is he just has not had that type of schooling at all (unlike his brothers who traditionally home schooled from the beginning). We also have some maturity issues for his age but he is whip smart at math and remembering things like facts in science. We’re still living with my mom due to her health issues and the fact that the mobile home we inherited from my grandmother was falling apart (like not livable falling apart). She supports our homeschool decision but does not seem to understand the need for a schedule or rules.  We’re also still schooling our 10th grader at home using a cyber school and his schedule due to honors classes has been fast paced and well insane. Then my senior had an insane marching band schedule for the marching season. Wednesdays were his only day off. So that was a lot of being away from home picking him up, taking him, going to competitions. Needless to say our first term did not go as planned or even close to how I would have liked. We will have a lot to work on for term 2.

First, let me tell you what we did not accomplish.  Yep, I’m gonna hit ya with reality first. I love the fact that Ambleside Online has suggested artists and composers to study. However, we did not get to any of it. We did listen to one song by Term 1’s composer which was Hildegard von Bingen. The song was Antiphon, O quam mirabilis est. He enjoyed it but to be honest I just kept forgetting to do it. We’d finish with what we would do then I’d make lunch for hubby who works second shift then after lunch work with my 10th grader then leave to take hubby to work so I could have the truck to pick up our oldest from band then home to try to finish any regular school or referee their squabbles then dinner. Well, I’m sure you get the idea. Time just never fits into what you think your schedule should look like. We also let the artists study fall by the wayside. That one is all on me. I like to be prepared. I mean OCD prepared sometimes it seems like and with that I can not be prepared at all. I wanted to print our pictures and all have everything all neatly ready. But what really happened is I never got to it and bam!, the first term was over. What!!!

D really liked Charlotte’s Web as our term 1 free read. We did not read it everyday like I had planned but slowly. A few weeks we didn’t read it at all but that seemed to work. Fifty Famous Tales and Our Island Story are well liked too. We are dropping Trial and Triumph because he is not mature enough for it yet. We also had a hard time with Parables of nature but that could be because we read it at one time and not in small chunks. We’ll probably give the modern english version a dry and do shorter readings too. It’s hard to break old habits of reading large chunks at a time. We didn’t read Shakespeare yet but we will next term. I read (on the forum I think) about the versions by Bruce Coville. Luckily our local library has three of his books so we will probably use those for the next two terms. Needless to say we’ve got a lot to work on next term.

Look for my next post, Term 1 review part 2, for pictures and information on things we did.


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