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2015 Goals

I made a page for our goals for the year 2015. They are broken down into four categories: school, personal, family, and outings. I know these will change or I will add to the page but for now I have some basic goals put down.

School for now is for the rest of the 2014-2015 year. So basically terms 2 and 3 of Year 1. These goals are basically what we missed in term 1 that I need to be sure to make time for.
*use a schedule similar to a Form 1 schedule- We have a hodge podge schedule right now. I basically outline what subject what day. However, we have been lacking in keeping it and have not accomplished what we should have.
*schedule nature time- We’ve always been a bit spontaneous with our nature outings and study. By scheduling, I am hoping to ensure more regular outdoor time. We may do this as a weekly neighborhood walk during a break in our schedule. I’m also hoping to use the Handbook of Nature Study Blog more each week. Daily time would be ideal whether just observing some birds or trees.
*Shakespeare- We did not accomplish any Shakespeare during term 1. I have access through our library and a free kindle book to both books recommended by the AO advisory. However, after reading a thread on the AO forum, we will be giving the books by Bruce Coville a try. Then in year 2, transition to one of the recommended versions.
*artists/composers- This is an area we completely failed at. I will be giving a much harder try at including these. We may not get to all selections for the given artist or composer but we will at least get to 2 or 3.
*foreign language- I’ve wanted to start a language for a while now. I wanted latin but have decided to wait until fourth or fifth grade. So we will be concentrating on Spanish first followed by some French, German,and Italian.
Spanish for term 2.

Personal goals are for me. At first I was a little hesitant to include my goals. Then I figured that you can’t exclude yourself if your always writing about the members of your family. Plus, accountability. I am going to go through Charlotte Mason’s writings more thoroughly than I have before. I am going to take notes and make weekly postings. My goal is to not just understand her method more but put more into practice. I am also going to be more accountable for my personal Bible studies. I began Psalms last year as well as a personal study on being a more Biblical wife (Titus 2 I think). I am going to begin again and this time stick to it. I may include some postings on these studies as well . I bought a prayer journal last year on clearance at Lifeway but have not used it. I am terrible at remembering to write things down. I will admit to being a lowsy prayer warrior which I want to change. I have a goal to get my bachelors degree since I already have an associates degree. I have an associates in human resources but decided to get my degree in education. After all, that is what I started out to get but never got to finish college. I begin online classes on January 12. I have already started on Ms Mason’s writings and so far I have been shamed into realizing I have not been mindful of how my actions have affected my children and their habits. So everyday I will make a concentrated effort and adding this to my own prayers. I will be posting on my readings from Ms Mason on Mondays. I will be posting on all other personal goal aspects in posts tagged as Mom’s Corner and these will not be schedule postings as of yet but hopefully at least a couple times a month.

Family goals could also be included in my personal goals as they are things I want to regularly achieve. They seem so simple and common sense but I know I let a lot of things get in the way. Again, I am trying to be more mindful of things for this new year. I have three boys and though I do spend individual time with each one, I know it is not nearly enough. I want to spend more time one on one with each son and it be a focused time. My 15 wants to learn to cook so that could be our weekly time. My oldest will be graduating in May so it is really important I find ways to connect with him both before and after he graduates. My youngest is with me all the time. Our time will be game oriented as he loves playing Uno and other games as well as helping me in the kitchen. He is usually the only one who does nature study with me and I’ll plan some things for just us away from the house and our usual school routine. I also want to schedule a family game night twice a month. We all love playing with dad but he works night shifts. So our family time is not always used wisely. If he knows we have game night on set nights, he will be more likely to participate and so will the boys. Their time is taken by the computer way to often. My older two and I have had the intention of reading a book aloud together at time for some time. Every time we get started, we get distracted and stop.Instead of reading, we might use an audio book during dinner time.

I goals for outings also. We enjoy going places but often do not have the money or time (due to one vehicle and husband’s work schedule) to go places. This year I am keeping a close eye on the calendar so we can take advantage of events at places we want to go. I have decided to try for four state parks not within an hour of us. Five places locally (within an hour of us), three museums (1 science, 1 art, and 1 other), and one national park. The national park will probably be when we take our trip to Kansas to visit my husband’s family.I will be adding the individual places onto the yearly goal page.

I hope this explains a bit about our yearly goals page and why I choose the ones I did. Let’s have an awesome 2015!!


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