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Scheduling a Charlotte Mason Day

Welcome to my first CM Monday post. Ha Ha, yes I know it is Tuesday. I totally forgot about posting this yesterday since I was busy trying to help my 10th grader with some last minute assignments before his first semester ends on Friday.

For this post I would like to talk about the schedule we are attempting to put in place. My aim is not to schedule using specific times such as 9:00 do this. I aim to make our school day closer to what Ms Mason intended. I am slowly reworking my way through her original homeschooling series as well as reading various Parent Review articles. It is a tremendous amount of information to take in and process. What I am discovering is that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Others have done loads of reading and studying and compiling. I will be taking advantage of that with the schedule.

Before getting started, check  for a break down on forms and what grades/ages they pertain to.
You will find loads of information on Ambleside Online in their advisory articles, Parent Review articles,and Ms Mason’s books.

I have tried doing the schedule by time. Let me explain why I have chosen not to go this route. The schedule that was made looks something like this:
8:30-9:00 breakfast (listen to composer)
9:00-9:15 morning walk
9:15-9:30 reading/narration session 1
9:30-9:45 Math/ Spanish (alternate days with practice worked into the day)
9:45-10:00 drill/recess (do some child friendly yoga if needed to calm and focus or jumping jacks/similar to get rid of energy)
10:00-1025 copywork/picture talk
10:25-10:30 recitation
10:30-10:45 reading/narration session 2
This schedule would take about 1 hour 40 minutes to 1 hour 50 minutes. We would work into our day free reading and music lessons. You may be asking to what did I base the times on. I found a schedule that worked out the subjects with the length of time they were done and how many times. I can’t remember where I found this. It could have been on the AO website or the AO forums.
Here is that basic breakdown.
Bible: 20 minutes OT x2 NT x2
Copywork: 20 minutes printing x2 writing x2
repetition: 10 minutes poem x1 parable x1 hymn x1
french: 10 minutes x3 french song 15 minutes x1
math: 20 minutes x4 30 minutes x1 10 minutes x1
drill: 30 minutes x3
reading: 30 minutes x4 20 minutes x1 10 minutes x1
drawing:20 minutes x3
handicrafts: 20-30 minutes x4
picture talk: 10 minutes x1
sol-fa: 15 minutes x2
play: 15 minutes x3
geography: 10 minutes x2
natural history: 10 minutes x2
object lesson: 10 minutes x1
weeks work: 20 minutes x1
Repetition is recitation or memory work. Drill is Swedish Drill. Drawing is watercolor pencil work. Sol-fa is a type of sight reading using hand movements as a guide. Play is recess.

I love to have the school day set and know what to read when and what day. However, D is not like that. He does well with a flexible schedule but with consistency. I am not an expert in Ms Mason’s methods. I know we will have to tweak our schedule the more I read and learn and the more his learning style is revealed. I am also unsure as to the above sample if it is x4 meaning 4 days a week or 4 times that day.

I am still using our note card schedule box. Each note card is a week in the term such as week 18. Then on the card is written the work for the week such as Paddle to the Sea chapter 9. So am looking to combine this with a term schedule like above. I have a tendency to want to finish all of something and have a hard time stopping our reading after 10 or 15 minutes but that is what I am aiming for this term. I will be using the above time sample to our loose schedule. In other words, I am looking to do something similar to this.

note card for week 13 (January 5-9)
Bible: (20 minutes suggested) (read for 10 minutes if long, followed by second reading as time allows or next day)
Copywork: work from Aesop, the Bible, or poem (suggested 20 minutes followed by second session of 5 minutes to work on trouble letters) (two days a week)(copywork is writing; letters is printing)
Repetition: poem (term 1) parable (term 2) hymn (term 3) (10 minutes suggested)
Reading/Narration session 1: History (10-15 minutes with narration)
Reading/Narration seesion 2: Literature (10-15 minutes with narration)
Drill: yoga and other activity to lesson wriggling around (suggested 30 x3) (5-10 breaks between subjects as needed throughout lesson time)
Reading: this will be silent reading practice (about 5-10 minutes)(two to three days a week)
drawing: not schedule but work on during our journal entries
handicrafts: still working to add this in
picture talk: artists study for the term (10 minutes x1 suggested) (5 each day to observe and discuss)
sol-fa: for us this will be leading to beginning reading of notes, etc working up to beginning violen (15 minutes x2 suggested) (5-15 minutes 3 days a week)
play: not to be scheduled as he gets plenty of free time but may include some time learning a few skills to soccer other childhood game; similar to P.E. maybe)
geography: Paddle to the Sea (10 minutes x2 suggested) (10 minutes per reading doing two sessions if needed over several days) (using as geography because parts of US and the oceans as well as other factors)
Natural History: Burgess Bird Book (10 minutes suggested) (10 minute sessions over several days + 5 minutes to look over birds or listen to bird calls)
Nature Study (still deciding how want to do this)
Foreign Language: Spanish (10 minutes x3 + 15 minutes song) (10-20 video x2 a week, with practicing worked into daily conversation, song 5 minutes several days a week)

I feel I may  not be explaining this fully in a way that is easy to understand. I will work on that. Basically our schedule will not include specific times. I will not be assigning specific days for now but will work off of our note cards to pick for the day except for what needs multiple days such as math. I will be working on incorporating her suggested times for each subject. Mainly it’s a momma thing. Not to cram too much at one sitting.

Please check back on Fridays as I post our weekly school updates to share how our plan is coming or not coming together.


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