Schooling in Pajamas

Did anyone say schedule?

I posted previously on a new schedule we were going to work on. You guessed it! Life distracted us. Monday started out good. We were relaxed and focused on what needed to be done. We started Pinocchio, finished Life of Fred book 1. We listened to our first composer piece which was The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. We also started Spanish. Then Tuesday came along. Sickness hit our house. First with my mom then with my oldest. So we were doing doctor appointments and running for medicine. People were sleeping on the couches and demanding quiet for their headaches. Coughing fits were interrupting read aloud time.My 10th was working overtime to finish up last minute assignments before his semester ended. Helping him took up a good chunk of my time. So finally we just stopped school for the week. I’m really hoping Monday is way better. Just saying that makes me laugh. I start my college classes Monday so that gets added to the mix as well as band practice starts back. That means wind ensemble on Mondays and jazz band on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Yikes! I’m tire already.

On the family front, we have done nothing yet. No outings for us. It has been in the teens at night. Today has been the first day all week we have gotten out of the 30s. With people being sick, it is better to stay indoors when we can. I’m looking for something indoors we can do this month but so far nothing has caught my eye.

So that’s our first weekly update for the year. Fridays is supposed to be for our school updates and Saturdays are the family/outing updates. Check back next week when hopefully I will be able to post on time and have something interesting to post.


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