Schooling in Pajamas

A January Outing

The older two boys and I took advantage of some nice weather we finally had after days of windy, cold weather and some rainy days. We don’t mind doing things in the cold or wind but when it stays in the late 20s and low 30s with wind, well it can take some of the fun out of things. But this day dawned in the 40s and a bit of wind. It looked like it was supposed to rain but by lunch time it was sunny with wisps of clouds floating through the sky. The wind had not died down but seemed to be just breezy with the occasional bursts of strong wind. We grabbed our jackets and set off after lunch. This was a special trip for us as the older two usually don’t have alone time with me. Their brother, 7, usually goes everywhere I go but luckily dad decided he needed to stay home. We piled into the truck after they quietly (rather unusual for them) decided on seating arrangements. You know for 17 and 15 this is not usually a quick or quiet decision. There is the bickering back and forth about who sat up front last and which one wouldn’t let the other have his turn but hogged the front seat both on the trip up and the trip back. But not today. Off we set for our trip to Rock Eagle. This is about a 35 minute trip for us as it is on the other side of the town over from us. We had some wonderful conversation on the way over as well as listening to music and delighting each other with our singing (not!!). This was their first time there as the schools do not tend to go to Rock Eagle on field trips any more. We went several times while I was in elementary school. It is part of Native Indian history in Georgia. Let me start by giving some background.

The current effigy is no where the size of the original. It is thought to be from the Middle Woodland period dated from 100-300 AD. Rock Eagle is one of two effigies located in Georgia and both are located in the same county. It is unclear as to why the effigies were built. Rock Eagle is located in the Oconee National Forest. The effigy is made of stone and shaped like a prone bird. It is listed on the National Register of Historic places. There is a 4-H educational center and camp located nearby.

Now let’s get on with the pictures shall we.

wpid-20150118_152920.jpg This is the sign at the entrance.

wpid-20150118_150156.jpg wpid-20150118_150025.jpg wpid-20150118_150112.jpg  I found this interesting as it shows the measurements of the effigy over time. It is now fenced in so vandals can not remove any of the stones.

wpid-20150118_151120.jpg wpid-20150118_150424.jpg This is the observation tower. You walk up 3-4 flights of wood stairs to see from the top windows. You can see the effigy from the second set of windows but the view of the whole effigy is best from the top set of windows.

wpid-20150118_150558.jpg I could not get  a picture as good as I wanted. I seemed to cut off a bit of either wing in any  picture I took. You can see some good photos from the links I posted.

After climbing back down from the tower, we rode around a bit to see more of the 4-H areas. We did not get over to look at the lodge itself but it can be seen in the background of several pictures we took by the water.

wpid-20150118_151747.jpg wpid-20150118_152305.jpg wpid-20150118_152310.jpg wpid-20150118_152351.jpg wpid-20150118_152547.jpg

I decided to fool around with the front facing camera on my phone. It’s something I stay away from as selfies are not something I like to do. My Samsung phone calls it the beauty face mode. I’m not sure about that but we took two photos. I’m not so thrilled by my look but the wind was rushing through the pier so that couldn’t be helped. Not being used to taking selfie photos, I was not sure how to hold my head and it was also difficult because my son is almost 6 feet tall and I am only 5 feet 2 inches. I know we must have looked funny standing on tippy toes and bending down.

wpid-20150118_152453.jpg wpid-20150118_152417.jpg


If you are ever down in the Eatonton, Georgia area, I highly suggested stopping by to see the Rock Eagle Effigy.



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