Schooling in Pajamas

Time is flying but I’m still here

I’ve been absent from posting for the past week or two. I had no idea my going back to school would have such an impact on everything. My semester is broken down into 2 sub terms meaning I have 2 classes for 8 weeks then the next two for 8 weeks to round out the whole semester. Yikes! So we are zooming super fast through each class. So far I’ve had 3 major essays. This week alone I have a major essay in one class and the rough draft of my research paper due. While we have know about the research paper, you can’t really start it until this point as not all the available class notes etc have been given. Talk about a time user.

We’ve added in All About Spelling, Miquon Math, and Getty Dubay handwriting into our school schedule for my second grader. Basically this has added about 30 to our schedule. We only do Miquon two days a week between our Life of Fred. We do spelling three days a week and handwriting three to four days depending on what I think is needed. It’s working out so far but adjusting the schedule to accommodate these is a bit tough. We are already “behind” though I hate using that word to describe school. We are going slow. Okay, we are going extra slow.

My son W, who is schooling from home using the cyber school option, has been slammed this second semester. His honors classes are really speeding up. He has a required science fair project and a research paper for history. Sounds pretty easy and doable except I can not keep him on pace with his class schedule. He seems to think he can take his time with his classes. To be that age and think time will stand still for you, well maybe not.

So forgive my absence and know that I have several posts coming up and plan to stay on schedule as much as possible. On the plus side, I now have my own computer so I am no longer sharing with three other people. Yay!!


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