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A Side Trip- August, Georgia

We took a side trip while in Augusta for a doctor appointment and it was a great time with just my middle child whose is 15 and hardly ever gets mommy time.


Augusta Marina

He was intrigued by the miniature steamboat.



Flood records

The white brick shows the flood levels and the year of the flood.

POW memorial

POW and Firefighters Memorial

Outdoor Ampitheatre

Outdoor Ampitheatre


    This swamp is only about 5-10 minutes from Augusta off of I-520 next to the airport. The visitor center was closed when we were there due to it being open only on Saturday. We still had a great time even with it being 32 degrees outside. It was not windy so it actually was not too bad. William thought it was funny that we were seeing our breath from the cold. It was overcast and was itching to rain but it held off luckily. We saw about 8 cardinals including a few females, thrushes, a few robins, several geese, mallard ducks, and a bird we could not identify but it may have been a warbler. It was small and had a yellow looking belly. We couldn’t get close enough to zoom in with my phone’s camera. He was excited to be there. He was sharing all the things he knew and I could tell my obsessiveness about observing and learning about nature had rubbed off on him. He noticed an animal track that I had missed. We were there about an hour and left with him begging to return when it warmed up. If we had done nothing else, I would have been happy. I had such a full mommy heart after this expedition to the swamp.

augusta38 augusta8     augusta5augusta4

We took a ton of pictures with my camera.  The geese above was a source of amusement for about 10 minutes as we watched them waddle their way through the marshy section until they reached the small current running through there. William said it looked like they were trying to be stealthy.


While we were wandering around the downtown marina area, we ate at a wonderful little restaurant called the Boll Weevil Cafe.  Check it out here:

To give you a price range, it was $32 for two of us before we added a tip. We had an appetizer, an entree that came with soup, a dessert, and two teas.

Fried Green Tomatoes Shrimp and Grits Key Lime Pie

The only picture missing is the Turkey and Rice soup. William loved it. He has asked to return to the Boll Weevil Cafe next time we are in Augusta.


We had planned to go to the Canal but figured with it being so cold, it might not be a good idea to travel on a boat down the canal. We’ll go when it warms up. I love to do impromptu stuff like this when the opportunity presents itself.


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