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Math with Burgers

So not exactly burgers but that is how D was introduced to ounces and pounds. In Life of Fred chapter 5, Fred went to the food court and ended up in  a burger joint. The menu ranged from a big 16 ounce burger all the way down to a crumb. Pounds and ounces are a hard concept to understand if you have nothing to associate it with. We talked about the burgers we get at our favorite burger joint. They are 1/4 pound burgers  and how full we get when we eat them.

Next it was time to do some hands-on learning. Here is what we started with.

chapter 5 materials

food scale, soda bottle (filled), rice bags, toys

We started the food scale from the kitchen. Mine is a digital but any would work that would be easy to read ounces as well as pounds. The night before I filled some Ziploc bags to go with the pounds or ounces out of the chapter we read. I had D gather some of his toys also.

Worksheet for weighing

Worksheet for weighing

I made the worksheet above for him to practicing weighing and getting used to using the scale. I wanted him to get a visual of what different weights looked liked. All I did was go online and search for some images of stuff we had in the kitchen. Pasted them into the boxes and asked how much each weighed. He had to find the items, place them on the scale, then write down the answers. At the bottom (not pictured) was an area for him to work out the differences between the different items.





D really enjoyed doing this part. He doesn’t usually go to the grocery store with me but he has asked to go next time so he can weigh things.

Next we weighed the rice bags and discussed the different size burgers from the lesson. We talked about the feel of the bags because of their weights and could he imagine eating a 1 pound burger.  To help solidify this part, we used his toys. D had to put figure how many to put on the scale to equal each of the burgers from the lesson. He was really surprised at how many it took for 1 pound.

Burger Crumb- 1/10th of an ounce

Burger Crumb- 1/10th of an ounce

16 ounces

16 ounces- What a huge burger that made. LOL

This is one of the books we used during this chapter.( note: If you click on the link it takes you to Amazon. If you buy it from that link then I will receive a portion into my affiliate account.)

I also found this book and several of his series on Overdrive as an ebook through the library.

wpid-20150301_160403.jpg On the Scale, a Weighty Tale (Math Is Categorical)


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