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Artist Study- Diego Velazquez

For our second term artist, we studied Diego Velazquez. The first thing I did was request books from the library. Here are the ones we got.

Diego Velasquez This was my preferred book. One page was the picture and the other page had information. I used the information to help guide us as needed. It did not have two of the pictures we needed but it had enough to be valuable.

Diego Rodriguez De Silva Y Velasquez (Art for Children)

Diego Velasquez This book is a bit beyond my seven year old for now. It would be a good book for 4-6 grade probably. It is written more as  a story and incorporates many of his paintings.

Weekend with Velazquez

velasquez3 We did not use this book. It is a good book but not want I wanted to use for our study.

Velasquez: The Genius of the Spanish School–His Life in Paintings

velasquez4 The two pictures we did not have from the Art for Children book, I was able to find in this one.

Velazquez (Rizzoli Art Classics)

Our lessons

For our lessons, I printed out the pictures from online. The problem was that the pictures tended to come out darker than I would have liked. I took the picture we were working on and wrote a few things from the Art for Children book that I wanted to focus on. Next we spent one minute looking at the picture but not commenting on it. I told him to take a picture in his mind and hold onto to it. Then I turned the picture away from him and he told me what he remembered. I dated it and wrote what he told me. Then we turned it over and he looked for what he remembered. That was the end of the lesson. I waited a few days then we did another lesson on the same picture. First we talked about what he observed the first time he saw the picture. Then we looked at the picture for thirty seconds, turned it over, and he told what he observed this time. I dated and wrote it on the back of the picture. Then turned it over and discussed what he saw the second time. If he struggled, then I would use something I wrote down already and we looked for it.  So far, I like this method the best.



Other resources
This will take you to the Artists Schedule on Ambleside Online. It lists the different works for each artist.
Homeschool mom who provides lesson plans ($).




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