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Butterfly House

We’ve spent the last couple of weekends working in the yard. We’ve had some good warm temps lately so we’ve hauled limbs, mowed, and fixed up the flower bed. Birds serenaded us with their song, bees chased the pollen in the weed and occasionally us, and several butterflies graced us with their beautiful colors. I remembered the butterfly house I bought on clearance at the beginning of the school year that was taking up needed space on the bookcase. D and I went out on the porch and began our building.

butterfly house The blue box had the instructions on it but only with an illustration. We was already handicapped before we even started. The pieces are laid out along with wood glue, and D’s child size hammer. The hammer I found at Lowe’s for about $4.

butterfly house 2 D is all ready with his safety goggles on. I am glad he was wearing the goggles because he made it a habit to lean to far forward when he was trying to hammer the nails.

butterfly house 7 Dad came home from work just in time. We had messed up putting the sides on. We did not have them on the side but on the front of the back. He had to work all the nails out and pry it apart since the wood glue was starting to dry.

butterfly house 3 butterfly house 6  We had a few helpers. These are two strays that seem to have adopted us. They sleep under our porch, play with us, let us hold them, and look through the door at us until we go outside.  Ginger is the tan one and Mussolini is the black & white one. He has a mustache on his chin.

butterfly house 8 We think they might be related. The coloring is different but the patterns run the same and both have the “mustache” on their chins.

butterfly house 4 Here is the butterfly house all done and ready to hang. We placed a banana in it and in several days I will go take it out. I’m a little concerned about getting ants or wasps in it.



I’ve been reading up on butterfly houses and so far the info is not encouraging. Most articles and web sited say that instead of butterflies all they get are wasps, bees, and spiders. So I am seriously rethinking having the butterfly house. It might just be better to hang out some oranges and maybe buy some butterflies to hatch.

Resources I found on butterfly houses.


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