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Scrap-booking with Pre-Made Pages

I haven’t had a lot of time lately to work on my scrap books and I’m majorly behind. I have so little storage for the items I have that I don’t have a lot of fancy stuff such as die cutters, ribbons, and any other such extras. I also tend to have a very limited outlook when it comes to planning pages. I tend to be a perfectionist. That means I take forever to do my pages. I’ve bought several pre-made pages from the store but I’ve never been satisfied. My pictures just don’t seem to fit someone else’s page design or maybe I just don’t know how to use them correctly. ūüėČ ¬†Several months ago I watched several videos on Youtube designing pre-made pages. I don’t have all her tools but it gave¬†me some guidelines to work off. So I got to thinking. Why don’t I make my own pages. After all, I do have an idea of what pictures I have and what I might want to use. Plus, I can’t buy anymore supplies until I use some up.

Last year, we finally got a Hobby Lobby in town so now I don’t have to make special trips to the next big town 45 minutes away. I have their app on my phone so I can use the handy 40% coupon any time I want. But to get a lot of my supplies I wait for them to have a 50% sale on certain things. The paper sleeves I use to store the pre-made pages, finished (with pictures) pages, or organize “to-do” pages are ones I get at Hobby Lobby. They come I think 3 maybe 4 to a package. I think they run about $7 but I could be wrong. Anyway, I wait for the sale and buy 3 sets of project sleeves. Here they are holding my pre-made 12 x 12 and 8 1/2 x 11 pages.

page storage

They are 12 x 12 size with a plastic zipper on top. The front has 4 pockets- 2 tall pockets and 2 smaller pockets. The large pockets are good for stickers, memorabilia, or other tall items. The two smaller ones hold photos, smaller stickers and memorabilia, or anything else you want to put in them. The tall pockets do not have any closure on them but the smaller ones have a flip tab. Here I have my flip tabs paper clipped to the tall pockets because the paper I am using is too tall for the tab to close but too small for the  larger pockets. The paper is where I write down the pages I have and any info I need to add. I then took some Post-It note tape (the  most coolest invention ever) and put a small piece then label the paper size.

Here are a few of the put together pages I have made. Nothing fancy and some will have more embellishments added as I go through some of my other supplies.

12 x 12

bathtime¬†This is one I had the yellow and white polka dot paper but wasn’t sure what I would use it for. Then I found a set of stickers I had bought on clearance that had purple and yellow as main colors and I thought Ah Ha! To tie the purple in from the stickers, I added a small light purple rectangle. I like it as is but may add a few things once I place the picture. It’s so bright and cheery.

babypage¬†I have a ton of blue paper and baby stickers. Seems I just keep being drawn to those things which is okay since I’m still working on middle child’s book and haven’t gotten to my youngest child’s book at all. I better get right on those before time keeps flying by! Yikes! I choose to just use a monochromatic theme for this page using various shades of blue squares and rectangles on a blue stripped background. I choose to use the baby 3-d sticker which pulls it all together. Even if I choose to use only two pictures, I can use the remaining square for journaling.

dad This is a two page pre-made store bought set that I got in a moment of weakness. I love the colors and layout. This is also one I like to look at to get an idea of what a page can look like. My problem is I am never confident in my color choices to put together such a page.

firstgrade¬†This is a page that come in a pad of paper with lots of school related paper. I added the name in blue glitter stickers before realizing I didn’t have enough for the year. The year is in plain blue block style numbers. Easy add-ons to a ready to go page.

The next two are for vacation photos from our Florida trip two years ago to Sea World and Lego Land (pages I haven’t done yet). We stayed at the Nickelodeon Hotel which was awesome.

nickhotelpage¬†¬†seaworldpage¬† ¬†I found the color splotch paper not long after we went on our trip. I think I got it from Michael’s but it could have been Hobby Lobby. Not very helpful I know. Then I added some squares and rectangles in varying size and color. Next I added a few water park stickers to one page since some of the pictures will be from the hotel’s water park. The Sea World pages I decided to do blue on white background. I thought I had a different sticker pack but can’t find it. We have a ton of photos from here so I don’t think just the two pages will do but that can be easily added to. Of course I used a blue theme since Sea World is water themed. I might use these for the general pictures then make a few specific ones like for the dolphins & whale show and the sea turtle area.

8 12 x 11

worldofcocacola¬†This is my page for the World of Coca-Cola. I have a ton of pictures from here but decided only on doing a two page spread. I knew this called for red paper but didn’t want to over do it. What I choose to do was use a red circle to represent the soda can lid, then cut out circles from a red and white shiny polka dot paper for the bubbles. I added a ticket stub to the circle that will be used for the page title. I let the “bubbles” run onto the other page to carry the theme over then wrote in red where we went. It may not be the most put together page but I really like it. Not sure yet if I will add a few red photo mats behind some pictures or not.

No fancy stuff just a pair of scissors, a ruler, a small paper cutter, a pencil, some stickers, and colored paper. Add your imagination and see where it takes you.

Feel free to share comments, ideas, or your own pictures. Let’s get some creativity sharing going on!




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