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We are busy getting ready for a four day trip to Tennessee. Family trips with kids are not new for us. We’ve been taking cross country trips with our kids since they were babies. Literally babies! When my oldest was two weeks old we drove from Georgia to Kansas and back for a funeral. When I was pregnant with my middle child, my husband was deployed to Albania/Kosovo when aggressions broke out there so I packed up my one kid and high tailed it from Oklahoma to Georgia to stay with my parents for help. I was 7 months when this happened. My husband returned just in time for me to give birth to our second son. So when he was two weeks old, we drove back to Oklahoma where we were still stationed. We have done this back and forth trip so many times over the years. We had our third son while living in Georgia but still made lots of trips back to Oklahoma and Kansas for family visits. So we are well versed on traveling with kids at various ages.

So in honor our four day trip to Tennessee, I thought I’d post some travel tips and road trip game ideas that I’ve come across.


packing and travel tips    She packs her toddlers clothes in ziploc bags. Wish I had known this when my kids were smaller. Check out her blog post here:


  Love the idea for different emergency boxes. These would come in handy at home too. Check out her blog post here:

 I love this organization. We will be using the rubber totes on our trip only because we will have 5 people squeezed into a pick-up truck. All luggage has to go in the back and with a possibility of rain, totes just makes since.  Check out the blog post here:

The amount of information out there on packing and travelling with kids is overwhelming so I am sticking to the top three I liked. These are also pinned on my Pinterest board under Travelling with Kids along with others I have found.


Road Trip Snack Box - Refueling with SNICKERS® and Dr Pepper | The TipToe Fairy #Refuel2Go #shop #cbias #roadtrip I love this idea and it makes so much sense especially for trips under a certain length of time. The bench seat in our truck has an open area under and these would be  perfect for each of the three kids to have. Brilliant! Check our her blog post here:

 This is a neat idea if you have room for the baskets. Check out the blog post here:

crafty road trip snacks These look cool. If I the time and space this would be in our snack bags for sure.  I might try anyway because they look so cool and fun! Check out the blog post here:


Road Trip Grab Bags We did something like this on our trip out to Florida a couple of years ago. Some of the things we put in were car tag bingo, silly putty, and window clings. I found it a bit hard because my youngest was 5 and the older two mid teens so to find things everyone liked to do was a bit frustrating. Check the blog post out here:

Are we there yet? Bag. Kids travel activity kits Another grab bag idea. Check it out here:

 This is a great idea for eating out with younger kids. Might even work for my 7 year old and keep all electronics away from the table for everyone. Mom and Dad included! 😉  Check it out here:

Those are just some ideas that caught my eye. I have a Pinterest board for Travelling with Children. Click here to see it: Follow Amber’s board Traveling with Kids on Pinterest. Hope this gives you a place to start and gets your imagination started.

What are some of your Road Trip Tips? Share in the comments section.


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