Schooling in Pajamas

Life and Blogging: An Apology

I’ve been absent my blog for a bit longer than I intended. My school load is a lot heavier than I anticipated and no matter how much I plan things out, the blog is always the first to be set aside.  I tried to be reasonable when I set up the blog with how many times and what I wanted to blog about but even that did not help me.  I apologize for that.

My intentions for the blog were to write about our homeschool life. Mainly to share things we’ve done but also to share curriculum reviews of what we’ve used. As I looked through my blog yesterday, I realized there actually is very little to do with our homeschooling on here. I wanted to share my thoughts on Charlotte Mason as I read through her books, took notes, and implemented her philosophy. There are so many blogs out there with that aspect and so much better than mine that I let that slip away. I lost focus and more school things slipped through.

I love to try new recipes. That is clearly evident by the cooking posts I have done and the amount that are just waiting to be written about. Those I will continue to do. I love browsing other blogs who are devoted to only food on their blogs and it gets a bit discouraging. I don’t take fancy pictures , have sponsors, or  the other awesome features but I do my best. I hope you find something new to try.

I like to write about places I’ve been and impart some tips to help others who may visit these places. I’m not a travel writer nor do I go to exotic places. I posts blurry pictures sometimes because I have a lot to learn about photography with my low end camera and of course the trusty cell phone camera.

What does this mean for you?

It means I am human and try as I might I have failed in the blogging world. But not to despair for I will continue on. I will continue to fill my little corner of the blog world.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you find something to laugh about, learn something new, and have patience with this harried blogging soul.


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