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A day trip to Helen, Georgia

We have found ourselves taking day trips over the weekends especially in May and the early part of June. One weekend we piled all five of us in my husband’s  jeep and drove up to Helen, Georgia. We’ve been to Helen several times since we have moved back to Georgia. It’s a little town (or village is what it is usually called) in the north Georgia mountains. It is charming and looks like its sister village in Germany. I’ll dig out our pictures from our trip four years ago and share those another day. This day trip found us tubing down the river that runs through Helen. Unfortunately, I did not have my new underwater camera with me so no pictures of the tubing experience.

One of the good things about revisiting a place is that you discover something new each time. This visit we parked in an area we had not parked in before so our walk to the main road was filled with some sights we had not seen before. We ran across a whole series of metal sculptures when walking along a side road by some shops.

helen2 helen3  helen4  helen5

This side road a had a bit of everything on it. We saw vikings and a memorial type spot.

helen7  helen8

Every time we go through Helen, we have to stop and go to the fudge shop. We stop to see the waterfall they have built and this time was no exception. We also looked at a few stores we normally skip and we walked down to the river walkaway which we had not done before.

helen9  helen10

This is one of two jerky shops in Helen. We walked by it on the way to the river walk and boy were we surprised at the types of jerky being sold. Some I had never heard of!

helen11 There were all kinds of fish jerky as well as alligator, turtle, and several others.

Here are some shots from the river walk. It was nice to see how the spots we tubed through looked from off the river.

helen12 helen13 helen14 helen17

This picture was taken under the bridge on the walk way. It is chalk paint and you can see the tons of writing people have put on it.


We went up to Helen for the day but ended up spending the night since we went to get something to eat and did not want to drive back in the dark since while being so tired. Tubing was fun but a lot of hard work because the river was just low enough to keep getting stuck on rocks. The boys had fun and that is what counts- Making Memories!!!

Here we are at the Dairy Queen in the next town. I got a bunch of goofballs on my hands. 🙂

helen18 helen19  helen20

I am glad for this time with my family and that we are making memories they will take with them especially with my oldest going off to college in two weeks. I will admit at first I did not like the tubing as it was not at all like I was expecting. Way too much work and not enough relaxing but by the end I was glad to have experienced it. I don’t know if I will do that again though.

Enjoy your time with family however it is spent.


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