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Oconee River Greenway – A Local Favorite

A local place we love to go is the Oconee River Greenway. Our town took an overgrown, mud-bogging spot by the river and turned it into a wonderful place to go. There are walking/biking trails, a dog park, a boat ramp and other wonderful places to escape to. When college is in session, you can find many students relaxing in hammocks they hang from the trees. It is always busy with people walking, running, and exercising their dogs. It is a place you can wade and swim in the river, fish, and see lots of wildlife. We go there all the time sometimes on a whim when getting out of the house is a must but traveling away is not. Hope you enjoy our moments on the Oconee River Greenway.

oconeeriverwalk This is a off the beaten path kinda trail and leads to one of our favorite spots.

oconeeriverwalk2 Once you get to the end of the dirt path you will descend a series of wood steps. Follow these steps down and you will get to our favorite spot.

oconeeriverwalk3 Now you have the beginnings of our favorite spot. This was taken when the river was down a bit more than usual.

oconeeriverwalk6 This was D’s first time in the river. Of course we didn’t have swimsuits on so we just waded around the shallow areas. He loved it.

oconeeriverwalk5  oconeeriverwalk4 We found a large amount of tadpoles on this visit. They were in a very shallow spot swimming around.

These next photos are some of my favorites. The hubby and I went to the river and got to spend some alone time together. He spent his childhood playing the rivers and lakes around where he grew up. I on the other hand occasionally went in the lake by use but  never in the river. So it was my first time wading into the river itself. So I discovered I have some “issues” but still had fun.

Oconeeriver oconeeriver2

I also got to play around with my new waterproof camera. I have to say that I absolutely love the camera.

oconeeriver3 Oconeeriver4 oconeeriver5 oconeeriver6


oconeeriver9 This little guy flew circles around my husband for several minutes before landing on him. We walked all the way from our river spot to our vehicle and never once did he fly off. I got several pictures of the little guy with his proboscis out licking my husband’s hand. Hubby was even able to get into my jeep and buckle in with the little guy still on him. He finally flew away when I started the jeep. It didn’t matter how much my husband moved around.

On this visit we also saw lots of minnows and an alligator gar. I tried to get a picture of the gar but the water were he was at did not cooperate. We heard crickets, cicadas and saw lizards, butterflies, and birds.


Hope you enjoyed visiting our favorite local spot. What is your favorite local spot in your area?


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