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Memories of Kansas- 2015

Here is another post about our trip to visit family during the summer of 2015. Warning: it is a bit long but I felt having this section of our trip in one spot was the best way to go. My husband’s family live in Kansas so over our 19 years of marriage and then some we have traveled to Kansas. When we went this time, I wanted to be a bit more intentional about capturing memories and having things the boys could look back on. After all, how many times can you visit a place and not see any of the sites?

Right as we got into Kansas, we ran into a large storm. This storm was producing a tornado somewhere on the path we were to travel. Luckily we did not have one on the road we were actually travelling on but we did have to pull over at a small out of the way cigarette shop and listen to the weather. Having previous lived in Tornado Ally for 10 years, we know the importance of paying attention to the weather especially the clouds. They speak volumes if you know to pay attention. We ended up waiting out some heavy rain and wind for about 30 minutes.

Every time we go to Kansas, we eat with his brothers and their families whenever possible. We drive about 30 minutes from my father-in-law’s house to Fort Scott. We love to gather at this place called Sharkey’s Pub and Grill. It has great food and of course is decorated with sharks and fishing photos.


While in Fort Scott, we made a side trip to the Fort Scott National Historic Site. We’ve driven right by it before and never knew.

Fort Scott National Historic Site lets you walk and see how a fort in the still forming plains was set up. The fort was established in 1842. It has a place in history for its part in the Bleeding Kansas conflict. I would highly recommend visiting here if you are in the area.

We also visited the National Cemetery that is located in Fort Scott. Here is the page that explains its history along with the rules and regulations to be buried there as well as adding flowers.

We also took a trip to Chanute to see more of his family and of course do the “when I was young” tour that we are always treated to.  While here we went to the Safari Museum. This was a real treat and all five of us enjoyed it immensely.  The museum curator was an extremely nice gentleman. The gift shop is not very big and we did not find anything we wanted to buy as a memento which was too bad because there were several nice things in the shop. You can take pictures with out the flash. There are some hands-on activities for the kids as well.

I took the boys to Kansas City with me one day. We made a stop at the Mine Creek Battlefield State Historic Site on our way up to the city. Unfortunately, it was closed the day we stopped by so I will be putting this on the list of things to do on our next visit out there. We managed to get some outside pictures though.

Once in Kansas City, we went to the Crown Center. There we walked around, ate at Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant, and went to Sea Life Aquarium.  The Sea Life Aquarium is attached to Lego Land with the aquarium starting to the left and Lego Land to the right. Both share a gift shop. We enjoyed seeing all the sea life and just could not pass up visiting another aquarium. They certainly do not get old for us. This is a military friendly facility and I was able to get a discount with my retired spouse i.d. which certainly made it easier money wise to visit.

This was an experience for us. You order your food through a phone that is at your table. It is cool but since the kitchen area is really loud it does makes it hard to hear the person taking your order. Then food is then brought to you via a train & tray system. The train, as seen in the photo above, runs around the top of the wall. It makes the train sound and whistles as it moves. The food comes in a box which is then pushed off onto a silver tray at your table. That is then lowered down to your table kinda like a dumbwaiter type system. We had a blast watching the trains come from the kitchen and trying to predict where they were going. The Restaurant also has model trains in windows that you can watch. Food was typical diner style food consisting of burgers, chicken, and hotdogs. Glad we went but probably would not go out of our way just to eat there again.

The boys had a lot of fun at the aquarium. The kid’s area was a treat with lots of hands-on and talking exhibits. The fun facts spread throughout was enough to keep my older ones interested.

As we drove through Kansas City, we snapped pictures of things we thought were interesting. Okay, my son took pictures while I tried not to get lost in all the construction and one way streets. Ack!! We did manage to drive by the Kansas City library parking garage which I first saw from a pin on Pinterest. The trees made getting a good picture hard but we took a few anyway.

Thanks for sticking around until the end. I look forward to exploring more of Kansas on one of our return trips.


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