Schooling in Pajamas


Have you been wondering what will be posted when? Are there any recurring post topics? What is Schooling in Pajamas all about? Read on for answers to those burning questions.


What is Schooling in Pajamas all about?

I started this blog as a way for me to document, journal, and reminisce about our school days. I get busy and sometimes forget what goes on by the time I get around to printing and scrapbooking my pictures. This blog is first and foremost about our school time and the things we discover and share with each other. You know the “ah ha” moments. The lighting up of their faces when they learn & discover something for themselves.  Secondly, this blog is a way for me to share the things I like to do such as cooking.  Last but not of any less importance is my goal to be of help or inspiration to anyone who may visit my blog. It would be amazing for this blog to turn into one with sponsors, thousands of readers, and all the other “great” blog dreams. However, I’m just fine with having a “good” blog for me. I’ll do my best to make the blog all it can be with my time commitments and keeping true to my goals. I’ll keep growing in my knowledge of blogging and eventually it will get to be more than a personal blog. Until then, I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I do.



What are some recurring topics on the blog?

Well, there will be lots of topics but the main ones will be about our school such as what math we are using or an exciting math lesson we’ve done, someplace we’ve visited either for school or as a family, and things I’ve tried to cook which may or may not have turned out edible. I never know what will strike me to write about. I love to take pictures so you’ll see things from our neighborhood walks or from our yard, pictures of funny moments, book reviews, and things I’ve found while browsing the internet.

Revised: January 25, 2017



What will be posted when? Are there specific themes for certain days?

I originally set out with a schedule. CM Mondays on Monday, What’s Cooking? or What’s Crafting? on Wednesdays, School updates on Fridays, and Weekly Outings on Saturdays. This was not working due to sharing one computer with three people plus returning to school myself tacked on lots of extra reading  and school time to my day. I was getting behind and not posting on days as scheduled or um, not posting at all. Gasp!! I know it’s against all blogging rules in the universe to not keep up to date. I have good excuses but as my teacher used to say, “good excuse or not, it’s still an excuse”. I have a goal to post on the same day about the same category or topic as much as possible. I’ve decided not to schedule posts as things are just to hectic at the moment. However, I have discovered Google calendars new feature to add goals directly to my calendar where it will schedule things for me. I’m gonna give this a try and see if I can make more time to blog.

       Revised: January 25, 2017                           _____________________________________________________________

What are the categories about?

Currently there are five categories. School Days will be about any school happenings.  What’s Cooking? is all about recipes. I always find things on Pinterest, cookbooks, and websites. This category is all about the recipes I try and the results. What’s Crafting? is similar but about the crafts I make. This is really a struggle because I’m such a novice and don’t have much time to do this. Mom’s Corner is just that. It’s all about mom things such as book reviews, something I saw online, or musings I want to share. Basically none school posts. Adventures will have posts about local outings such as to the river or a walk around the neighborhood, state outings such as to a state park or another town, and some vacation posts. I aim not to have too many categories for simplicity’s sake and for easier navigation. Cyber School is not a category I use any more as  only my senior is using a cyber school. There really is not anything to post in this category unless I find something while digging around in our pictures that I absolutely think I should share.

Revision: January 25, 2017

Fine Print:

This blog is made of my own opinions. I do not get paid to leave reviews or mention any brands. No endorsements on the blog at all currently! Pictures are copyrighted to  me unless otherwise credited. Please link back to the original blog post. Please keep all language and etiquette nice, clean, and respectful. I reserve the right to delete comments as I see fit. 


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